Never Give Up If You Love Horse Riding! Dare To Be Different!

It is not an easy thing to ride a horse and compete, and only the best manage to succeed, because success comes very slow. If your dream is to become a great rider, don’t let anyone to get you down and scare you with their stories. Don’t give up no matter what, always believe in you and your wishes. Always look up.

The video footage beneath this text is a great proof of that! Remember to follow your dream and ride more. Just look at the rider from this video clip. That’s the way you should think when your wishes are the most important thing to you.

Everybody were telling her that she is a bad rider when she started training. They said to her that she has no talent and to stop wasting her time. But, though she didn’t have a support she kept on training and trying to be the best. Look at her now!

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