Never Give Up On Your Horse – Believe!

Horses can react same as people if they have some physiological abnormalities. So, many times their disturbed behavior can be a result of some abnormal process in the horse’s system. Most familiar abnormal occurrences are sensory system abandon and cerebrum.

Every rider should be prepared to face some mental or behavioral issues during their riding and most of them can be caused by various reasons, such as:

– Natural Asymmetry. The symptoms can be recognized if your horse has a problem like this. So, if he is tense, he walks to fast or to slow, he doesn’t want to turn, he strikes, rear and buck, many times he’s lame and your riding looks more like a fight…he’s facing natural imbalance;

– Lack of Leadership. It’s in the horse’s nature to seek for leadership. When they see you as a leader , the straightness training will be more effective because your horse will respect and trust you, he will follow you and cooperate with you;

– The Horse Is Not Motivated. It’s important that your horse is always inspired, motivated and willing to cooperate with you, so maybe understanding it’s not the most important part of training. Remember to always hang out with your horse, to give him a warm bath, voice and food rewards, very long breaks and festina lente;

– Pressure. Never use to much and to long pressure on your horse. Sudden and steady pressure will always give you negative results.

But, in many cases though riders have tried everything they still have a problem with their horse. We recommend you to have a look at the following video where you can meet a 8-year-old mare named Flirt.

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