Pint-sized rider and her pony wow area with quite the impressive display

You can hardly see the top of her hat as she comes round the arena, but when this little girl is set loose on her pony? Look out! The pair tackles this barrel pattern with no fear, and they let loose and fly when it’s time to head for home. It’s totally adorable, and an example of a well-matched rider and pony.

Even though this girl is young, she’s taking part in a spot – horseback riding – that she clearly loves. The pony is well-trained and does his job of listening to and responding to his rider. Together, they’re a good pair.

A child’s first pony can make or break their love of riding. When buying a pony for a child, it’s so important to find a pony which is child-safe. According to Equusite, misbehavior is a serious issue among ponies. Many ponies aren’t taken as seriously as horses are because of their small size. This means that ponies may get away with naughty behavior that a horse wouldn’t. If left unchecked, this naughty behavior can get worse and worse.

When it comes time to find a pony for a child, safety should be your #1 priority. Look for a pony that is well-trained and obedient. Certain behaviors, like bolting, bucking, rearing, and kicking, should never be tolerated in a child’s first pony. These behaviors can be highly dangerous – avoid them at all costs.

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