Pony With Broken Neck Has A Baby

Like a lot of animals, many horses and ponies are measured by their worth. When a working horse is no longer useful to an owner, because of age or health, they usually give up the animal in one way or another. What you are going to watch in this video is Bonny the pony who suffered an accident and broke the neck.

She was knocked down by a car and after the accident she would probably have ended up in a slaughter house, but things got better when she was brought to Gillian McCulloch. She took this pony in and took care of her in the best way possible offering her not only a place to stay but love, trust and respect and making her believe that she is loved.

She is now enjoying the life and the only problem she has is that she carries her neck down and to the side. Who would have thought that she would get pregnant but this happened and her foal is a just a walking miracle on earth.

Bonny with new born Flash

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