Pregnant horse finally gives birth, but her owners noticed something strange

I can’t believe my eyes! How can it be? A horse having twins is so very rare. Such beautiful majestic animals are horses!

And how sad their treated and given up to go to slaughter houses for Canadians and France eat horse there taken to horrible slaughter houses in Mexico we treat our horses horrible it’s a shame.

Surely there is nothing more beautiful than when a little one is brought into the world. Even though a mother might be totally exhausted she can’t help but burst with pride when she sees her beautiful baby.

This stunning Palomino mare called Daisy has a birth story that will truly bring a tear to your eye and an ocean of joy into your heart. Her proud owners, Jenni and Guy, had been waiting for months to see the newest little addition to their farm and it did not disappoint.

It seemed like a lifetime waiting for the moment to arrive, several days had passed after her due date and FINALLY, Daisy started showing the signs of birthing. Jenni and Guy rushed to her side, ready to assist her in a moment’s notice.

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