Refeeding The Emanciated Horse

Since this video was made, MS Horse Rescue has saved over 400 horses from abuse, neglect and the slaughter pipeline. A couple of things we wanted to add that were not included in the video are the importance of soaking their feed to reduce the risk of choke and adding Probios to help restore the normal microbial balance in the gut.

There has been a lot of research showing it’s better to feed alfalfa hay rather than grain or feed, but here in the South, it’s very difficult to obtain good quality alfalfa plus it’s too expensive. We’ve had amazing results with Nutrena Senior and Nutrena Senior Pro-Force! It’s easier for us and more economical to stick with what we know works.

In 2008 Have A Heart Horse Rescue and Mississippi Horses joined efforts to save horses from abuse and neglect. Having over 200 horses go through their rescue facilities in various stages of malnutrition and abuse, they have seen and learned a lot in regards to complications that can arise during refeeding. The video shows some of their worst cases and what happens when a horse goes down.

This video isn’t intended to replace any advice your vet offers. This is what they have learned and documented through their experience with a large number of emaciated horses. For more information visit Mississippi Horses Facebook page and their web site, Mississippi Horses.

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