Rescued From Slaughter, Pregnant Mare Survives Crash And Gives Birth To Miracle Foal

We are always happy when we hear of horses being rescued but the story of this mare made national headlines. There were 30 horses on the trailer who were being transported for slaughter when the accident happened and 21 of the animals managed to survive, many of whom were given a second chance to life by Omega Horse Rescue.

Amy Neary, an emergency hauler for the University of Tennesse’s veterinary school, was there at the night of the crash and developed a special bond with one of the horses.

She didn’t know that it would be the night that would make her adopt a horse but it happened as she adopted the mare and named her Hope.

It was only after she adopted her that the vet realized that Hope was pregnant, five months pregnant. Even though it was a night that will haunt her for life she was over the moon when she found out that the mare was pregnant and she was going to have a foal.

Hope gave birth to a healthy medicine hat foal with one blue eye. Neary named him Freedom – Freddy for short. She is incredibly grateful to see so much good come from that tragic night on the highway.

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