Rosenberg’s Persistance Kept Her In “The Black Stallion” Crew!

The famous LA screenwriter, Jeanne Rosenberg had an interesting career start. Her favorite book was The Black Stallion, and while she was in film school she wrote a script analysis. That was her first step in the screenwriting world!

After she graduated, she heard that Carroll Ballard the director was making a movie based on that book, and she decided to write him a letter and ask for a job position. He liked her script analysis, but he didn’t call her. That didn’t discourage Jeanne, so she went directly to Ballard, but she found a complete chaos. Ballard was doing pre-production in Toronto, Canada, but he wasn’t committed to his work. People were running around like crazy not knowing what to work, or where to dress up. It was a big mess!

Probably Ballard wanted to keep everything open while everybody else were trying to know every detail of the process. When they finally started filming the movie Jeanne wanted to write the island part and despite Ballard’s wishes, she managed to accomplish her goals. As she said, Ballard has been an amazing talent, but he wasn’t good at working with a crew.

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