She Was Named The World’s Smallest Horse; It’s What She Can Do That Has Me In Awe, WOW!

When tiny Thumbelina was brought into the world on May 1, 2001, Paul and Kay Goessling sensed that this miniature horse was special.

Because the Goesslings raise adorable miniature horses at Goose Creek Farm outside of St. Louis, they thought that Thumbelina would be extra miniature. And they were right.

Standing at just 17-inches and weighing in at just 57 pounds, Thumbelina was declared to be the smallest horse in the world by Guinness World Records.

Thumbelina’s two parents were also miniature horses. So small runs in their family.

As a family-owned operation, Michael Goessling, Paul and Kay’s son, trains Thumbelina at Goose Creek Farms.

Her name might sound familiar to you. It came from the Hans Christian Andersen story first published in 1835 about a thumb-sized girl going on adventures to find true love.

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