Summer on the farm: Great Danes fascinated by horses splashing in the water

One hilarious and endearing thing about dogs is how easily they get distracted, whether by a new toy, a sudden and unexpected noise, or something as exciting as their own tail. But what can really capture a dog’s attention is another animal. Our canine friends are naturally playful, friendly, and eager to make new friends.

For dog behavior writ large, you can’t do much better than a Great Dane. These enormous dogs were originally bred for hunting bear, boar, and deer for their aristocratic owners. In the English-speaking world, they were once known as German boarhounds, though in the late nineteenth century, international tensions provoked a change of nationality. The tallest Great Dane in history was a giant named Zeus who stood 44 inches — and that was just his shoulder-level height! When he was on his hind legs, he stretched an incredible 7 feet 5 inches. While Great Danes look fearsome, they’re actually extremely gentle and get along well with people and other animals.

In the video posted below, you’ll see a pair of Great Danes get distracted by some “Friesdale” horses. Friesdales are a crossbreed of Friesian horses from northern Holland and Clydesdales from Scotland. Both of those breeds are large draft horses, but the Friesians are surprisingly nimble and graceful for horses that are supposed to be in the business of hauling large loads or doing heavy farm work.

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