Talented Mule Competes At The US Dressage Finals!

Here is a great chance for all of you to watch a mule competing in dressage. We bet you haven’t seen anything like this before. This video footage has been filmed at the US Dressage Finals!

It is exciting to see a mule as part of this discipline, because it has never happened before. The rider, Laura Hermanson is performing on her mule called Heart B Dyna, and we must say that the two of them have done a great job. They’ve managed to make an interesting show, and they’ve broken a barrier!

This performance have proven that mules are able to demonstrate their skills same as the other horses. Heart B Dyna has shown that she is talented and smart, same as her great rider. The world now knows that mules can be also well-trained; you just need to work harder and push the limits. They’ve earned some respect and admiration!

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