Teenager Donates His Horse To Ohio Police Department

Ben Wagstaff, 13 years old, decided his 4-year-old draft horse Sam would be a great police horse. Officers from the Columbus Division of Police in Ohio drove 2 and a half hours to West Virginia to pick up Sam. Jessica, Ben’s mum, said, “I am very proud of Ben. He’s raised him from a colt.

It’s his goal that he can go and be something more than just a farm horse. So he’s finally getting to see one of his dreams come true.” When they went to get Sam police brought along Legend, another police horse, so that Sam had company on the ride back. Ben, an aspiring police officer himself, raised Sam with the intent of him being a police horse.

Ben reached out to a few different police departments before the Columbus Police Department said they’d love for Sam join the force. Sgt. Bob Forsythe said, “Normally, we’re looking for donations. We don’t have people coming to us saying, ‘Hey! We got horses.’

This is great and his mum told me he wants to be a police officer someday which is pretty cool.” Sam will need to go 6-12 months training before he can officially join the mounted unit.

Ben was happy and sad at the same time but he knows the horse is in good hands and he also can visit Sam anytime he wants.

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