“Terror In The Pasture” – Donkey And Tennessee Walking Horses!

This story goes like this. A little donkey meets a black Tennessee walking horse. The donkey is extremely unpleasant and he started going after the beautiful mare. She has noticed that and she is being alert while that stud donkey is trying to get her!

The gorgeous mare is not only worried about herself, she is also worried about the little donkey who is in the middle of walking horses and clearly that’s not a safe place for a little donkey. Hemorrhoid the donkey, takes her mind off of that small problem and don’t want to leave her alone. The gorgeous mare doesn’t want to hurt him and she’s being so gentle and sweet while she’s trying to avoid him.

But he is so stubborn and chasing her around like crazy. That’s why they’ve named this video “Terror in the pasture”. This donkey is so clever, just look at him! He knows that he has to keep a distance from the mare, because he might be kicked in the face. Obviously to him she is “the one” and he doesn’t want to give up. He is trying to get close to her as much as he can, no matter what she does. He is not getting that she is not interested and he keeps on trying!

The poor little donkey can’t understand why she doesn’t love him the way he does. Instead, she shows him that she needs space and wants him to stay away from him. Interesting video footage that horse lovers will love to see it, so feel free to spread this love story around!

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source: horses-world.com