The Incredible 2016 Kentucky Derby Winner Running In His Paddock…

It is good to follow your favorite racehorse after it finishes its first career, and see how things work out for him in the future. Thanks to social media we have the opportunity to follow them through their second career, and find out more about their activities. As horse fans we want to stay connected with your loving horse, and Darley Stud makes a lot of efforts to help us with that.

Darley Stud updates fans on the major events in a stud’s career, the everyday moments, and all that is interesting about the popular racehorses. The video footage beneath this text is from Nyquist, the racehorse who won at the Kentucky Derby 2016.

You can see him enjoying in his amazing paddock, running free at the Jonabell farm. As they say, Nyquist is unstoppable, he runs around the paddock, enjoying the moment like a champion. Enjoy the story and support riding!

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