The Most Genius Rider In The Worst Situation

Errors happen all the time during horse riding and mistakes can happen, that’s why every rider needs a good training and preparation before each show. In the video footage beneath this text you’ll see how that rider did something genius. Luckily he knew how to handle the situation and everything ended up well!

This time the horse made a mistake. As you can see, that gorgeous horse stepped wrong and jumped on the wrong side. The rider fell down on the ground and in this case rescuers should arrive at the scene as soon as possible, because the rider and his horse might get hurt.

What this rider did was very brave and maybe a bit scary, don’t you think? Remember that when things like this happen you always need to help the rider first, because the horse is a lot more heavier than him.

This lady ended up on the ground with the horse over her and lucky for her those people knew what to do. By holding his legs they removed the horse from the rider. That woman remained calm and she perfectly managed the situation.

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