Therapy Donkey Helps A Mute Girl To Speak Again, And It’s Beyond Heartwarming!

It’s amazing how helpful animals are to humans and there are still people out there who don’t appreciate animals. Amber the little girl and Shocks the therapy donkey had both a rough start in life.

The adorable little donkey was saved from death as he was found in an Irish field with a cord around his neck. The cord was so tight it had created lesions but fortunately he was able to recover after being sent to a Donkey Sanctuary, in Birmingham, England where he became a therapy horse.

Amber, on the other side, was born prematurely and was unable to breathe so the doctors had to perform an emergency tracheotomy. Amber was safe and sound but not able to speak due to the intervention so she was mute.

She also had cerebral palsy which made it really difficult tom move but her parents didn’t give up and took her to the Donkey Sanctuary, in Birmingham.

Amber was the first patient of Shocks but it seemed that they loved one another from the first moment they got together. Shocks helped Amber build her strength, and the young girl was even able to ride on his back to walk around.

But what surprised her parents the most was the hug she gave the donkey and the whispering she made in his ear saying ‘I love you’. The adorable Amber hadn’t spoken a single word till then and parents really believed that their little baby could talk and since then Amber has started school but she hasn’t forgotten Shocks as she visits him regularly.

Her father said, “She gets to go in the arena with him and groom him and cuddle him and lead him around the arena and she loves it. They still value their time together and they still love their cuddles.”

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