These Baby Clydesdales Are So Cute And Fun To Watch. Will They Make The Budweiser Cut?

Budweiser Clydesdales are famous all over the world for their beauty and their magnificence. Even right now I am certain you have a picture of one of those big horses in your mind.

These horses are renowned for their beer roots in St. Louis nowadays, but these gentle giants originally come from the beautiful pastures of Scotland. Budweiser Clydesdales are bred at the Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Missouri. John Soto, the supervisor of the ranch, is in charge of 70 of these beautiful horses.

Soto has many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to be a breeding and birthing coach for the Clydesdales. The horses that are chosen to feature for Budweiser get the chance to pull the three Budweiser Clydesdale hitches that travel all over the country.

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