This horse driving duo isn’t what you’d normally see in the ring, but it’s quite the sight

Typically, when you’re planning to put on a driving demonstration, you’ll look for a pair of driving horses that are alike. Matching horses in terms of size, gait length, and overall speed allows for a smooth ride, especially when those horses are hitched together in front of a single cart.

But this driving demonstration in the video below takes a bit of a different approach. These two horses make a great pair, but they’re nothing alike. In fact, they represent the extremes in the driving world: One horse is a Shire, a draft breed, and the other is a Miniature Horse. But together, these horses prove that when it comes to driving, there are many different breeds and sizes that can get the job done.

While it’s pretty normal to see a large horse, such as the Shire, being driven, you may be a little more surprised to see a Miniature Horse pulling a full-sized adult. According to The Miniature Horse, Miniature Horses tend to weigh between 150 and 250 pounds. However, Miniature Horses can comfortably pull full-sized adults in carts and carriages. Some owners even hitch multiple Miniature Horses together to drive.

Despite their small stature, Miniature Horses are competitive in the show ring. They are shown in in-hand classes, in-hand jumping classes, and driving classes. Some larger Miniature Horses can also comfortably carry small children.

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