This Horse Needs To Pass Gas. Wait Till You See What He Does Next! I’m In Stitches

The horse featured in the video below is named Archy. This playful horse lives in Blossom Valley at the ‘Rocking Horse Ranch.’ The Rocking Horse Ranch adopts animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and other such lack of care.

When Archy was rescued, he was close to death from starvation. Archy had been badly tortured and abused for a long time. This poor horse has a long way to recovery, but it is heartwarming to see him try his best.

Archy suffers from an intestinal issue due to which he cannot pass gas normally like other horses. You’re going to see what this means in the video below. The uploader writes that Archy has a unique and playful personality and he keeps them laughing and on their toes. He also likes to take his own reins and walk himself.

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