This Mini Hinny Joins a Herd of Wild Horses, And He doesn’t Think Any Less of Himself

The lead stallion of a herd of wild horses always runs behind them so they can lead their group to food and water. However, this herd has a different story.

The founder of Skydog Ranch, an Oregon- based sanctuary, Clare Staples cannot help but laugh at Cassidy, the one who drops behind her herd of rescued wild horses, despite being far from being a wild horse.

Cassidy, the mere 39-inches tall miniature mule was named after the singer David Cassidy.

Cassidy is a species commonly known as “mini hinny”, which is a mixture of a mini horse and a mini donkey. He was saved at the last minute from a terrible place. He is a few inches shorter than the horses he has bonded with. However, he thinks quite highly of himself.

“We tried to put him with the donkey herd several times,” Staples said, “and he just goes under the fence and back to his wild mustang herd.”

Cassidy, along with a mustang, was rescued from a kill pen at Texas, where people keep horses, donkeys, and mules that no one wants anymore. If not rescued from there, these animals are sent to Mexico to be slaughtered.

“I know we are a mustang sanctuary,” Staples wrote on Skydog’s Facebook page just after seeing Cassidy’s photo and deciding to rescue him, “but sometimes when you are rescuing a mustang a little creature manages to win your heart … Cutest little boy just couldn’t be left behind.”

After Cassidy’s life was saved, she started living a very different life at the sanctuary; refusing to be introduced to the donkeys.

“The moment he arrived he didn’t want to hang out with donkeys but full-size horses,” Staples said.

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