Trail Ride On A Thoroughbred With Full Speed Gallop – A Mix Of Incredible Fun And A Lot Of Adrenaline!

How does it feel like to ride a horse at full gallop? As a horse rider it is probably the closest thing a human can do on the ground that feels like flying. Sure, you can go faster in a car, but the sensation is never the same. One reason is that as a rider, you feel a part of your horse not merely a passenger as you would be in or on a mechanical vehicle

When you start riding you have no idea how it is done, then you go on learning and every time you get on the back of a horse you want to feel the speed of the horse and you require that the horse goes faster. Then, you establish a relationship with the horse which is based on love, trust and respect. You had no idea how to ride one at the beginning while now you eventually have become ‘one’ with this creature and it is at full gallop when you completely have the feeling and sensation that you are ‘one’.

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