Train Your Horse To Easily Spin With Todd Martin’s Help!

One of the best features of horses is that they are highly trainable, and they are willing to learn anything if you show them love and respect. In the video footage beneath this text you can gain some extra knowledge of how to teach your horse to spin correctly. You will probably enjoy the video!

In a few easy steps, Todd Martin will show you his technique, and believe us if you have enough experience with horses you will be able to teach your horse to spin in circles. As Todd said, you must make your horse move forward, and sometimes you won’t be able to notice that because it’s very subtle. To make him spin you must take away your horse’s forward motion.

It is very important that you are in the right position on your saddle in order to make your horse spin correctly. That will make a big difference, and if you lean too much on one side you will throw him off his balance. Also, you will lower his ability to spin, so pay attention on your position. For each attempt give your horse a reward.

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