Two weeks old horse is always smiling

What a cute smiling horse! Some people may claim that animals don’t have feelings and emotions and that is why they can’t express themselves like people can.

Though, personally, I believe that animals have their own emotions and feelings and even though they can’t express themselves, as we, humans, can, they show their love, happiness and sadness the way they can.

We can easily say when our pet feels angry, sad, guilty or happy. There are so many photos and videos in Internet that prove this fact. You can find a lot of grumpy animals, guilty animals and even smiling ones.

It’s easy to humanize our pets, not only because they’re bona fide members of the family, but also because they so often show compassion and mirror our personalities – and facial expressions.

You can tell when a dog’s doing his or her own version of a smile just by the way their face is set. Mouth open just a bit with the sides showing? That’s definitely a happy dog. It’s harder to tell with other animals, but this little horse below is most definitely in a happy place.

The video was taken at the Chevalia Estancia’s Mares breeding facility in Huntsville, Utah.

Alexandra, whose family owns the facility, was doing some bonding with a two-week-old horse by giving him a good rub along his mane, prompting the most ridiculously adorable smile!

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