Use Your Helmet When Going For A Horse Ride!

People from the horse world share different opinions when it comes to wearing a helmet or not! Some people think that there is no need of it if you are a good rider, others can’t bare the helmet…the thing is that accidents can happen to anyone, even the best riders have some bad moments in their career, so the gear is the most important thing for their safety!

The helmet is not an accessory! It’s part of the equipment and you should think again when going on a ride without it. Many cases have proven that the helmet has saved a lot of lifes and that things would be different for some riders if they were not using their helmet.

The video beneath this text is just one of the proves of the importance of the helmet. Check out the video below and see of what are we talking about. Tat girl has been a horse riding for more than 11 years and she never had a second thoughts of wearing her helmet. She thought that she doesn’t need one because she was a great rider. But look what has happened one day and re-evaluate your point of views.

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