Vet Recommended Putting Horse With Disfigured Nose Down, But Project Stables Had A Different Plan

Project Stables in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was the birthplace of Jack, the horse. Jack was born with Wry mouth, a condition that makes it look like his nose is disfigured. A veterinarian thought, at first, it would be best to put him down because Jack wouldn’t be able to feed himself.

But the staff at Project Stables got a second opinion instead. They went to the University of Florida and were told to bottle feed, Jack. Once he was old enough, he could have surgery to fix his condition. So, when Jack was four months old, he had his surgery, and it was a complete success!

Today, he is a healthy and happy guy! Jack is part of a program that works with kids that have special needs. He provides agricultural education. Project Stables uses Jack’s story as inspiration. The kids who come can see how even though Jack wasn’t perfect, he did grow up and is now leading a normal life.

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