Veteran Jockey Accused For Unlawful Influence!

Every sport is competitive as we know, but horse racing has it’s extreme level. Teams will stop on nothing to gain an edge. We thought that the trainers and the horse owners are the ones who are pushing the whole thing to it’s limits, but it turns out that the jockeys that ride the horses are also in the game. This week a jockey was accused for unlawful influence.

A 43-year old veteran jockey named Roman Chapa, has been caught cheating during the race. After being caught while he was using a banned device, he’s been accused for unlawful influence during a race. As the photographs showed he was holding a small device in his hand while he was approaching the finish line. According to the officials, that device is used for producing electrical shocks that will make the horse run faster.

This jockey and his horse were on the fifth place in the race this January in Texas and then suddenly  they won the race by half a length. But still, the jockey won’t admit and he is claiming that someone is setting him up and that those photographs are photoshopped.

According to the officials this is not Chapa’s first time to do such an offense. He was accused back in 1994 when he was an apprentice of using a nail and again in 2007 for using an electric device. In both cases he got suspended and fined.  This time he also got suspended right away by the Texas Racing Commision. They conducted investigation immediately and if the allegations are confirmed they will took Chapa’s license for sure.

But that’s not all, this jockey has been also charged of animal abuse and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  Back in 2002 he tortured a dog, by beating him with a strap and he received a sentence of 10 days.

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