Warrior Horses Program For Warrior Kids – Give Your Support!

Horses have been part of many therapy programs because of their pure nature, intelligence and emotions. People feel comfortable around them and because of that many programs have been established for those who need help from this extraordinary creatures!

“Warrior Horses Program”- People who are familiar with this program start to cry right away when you mention it. It’s so touching and emotional seeing those kids with their families fighting to get through every new day while dealing with a serious decease.

Most of the people are thrilled by the joy that horses are bringing to those Warrior Kids. The goal of the Warrior Horses Program is to match a Warrior Kid with a Warrior Horse who will guide and help them during their everyday battle. Having a horse alongside you during hard times, can be really enlightening and comforting.

People can help in many different ways in order to support this program. So, if you want to be a part of the process you can do the next things:

– register your horse as a warrior horse and donate to sponsor your horse;

– donate to help sponsor a warrior kid.

The Leukemia Lymphoma Society gets every dollar that has been donated and you will get a receipt directly from LLS. Over 55 horses are ready to be matched with their Warrior Kid and people keep on donating and supporting this humble program!

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