Wearing Helmet Is A Safety Measure That Must Be Respected!

Chayni Chamberlain became popular when she was 9-years-old when she showed her great talent as a rider while competing for 1 MIllion Dollars. Her amazing skills caught people’s attention, but they have been also amazed by the look of her gorgeous horse, Dat Flowingbunny aka FlowJo!

Most of the people could only dream for a horse like hers, and togeher they looked unstoppable. With lots of efforts and hard work, that team has managed to gain some great results, and lots of fans. Chayni and FlowJo are an amazing partners and the audience admire the way they work together.

As you can see from the video footage beneath this text Chayni is not wearing a helmet, and that worries her fans. Probably you will agree that she should wear one for her own safety while barrel racing because she is a young competitor. Despite her abilities and talent, safety measures must be taken!

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