Where Veteran Horses Retire After They’ve Served

The United States Army has horses that are up for adoption. The retiring horses were once part of the Old Guard Caisson Platoon, where they led military funerals, pageants, memorials and parades. When the horses retire, they need a place to go, so the Caisson Adoption Project helps pair them with a perfect home.

Quincy is a member of this elite squad of horses who have taken part in a lot of funerals for Arlington national Cemetery. Not only Quincy but every horse that retires needs a proper place to live his years, a place where he is treated with unconditional love, trust and respect.

This is the part where Caisson Adoption Project comes in and makes it possible to pair veteran horses with human veterans. Quincy was taken in by George Whitaker who is looking after him and giving him the best years of his life.

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