Younger Horse Learning The Best From His Mother- Incredible Jumper!

The younger horses can learn so much from their older herd members, who are always in the mood to guide them and help them learn new things. That’s why this animals are considered to be highly intelligent and clever.

In the video beneath this text you’ll have a chance to see a complete jumping dressage performed by a foal. He is so cute and adorable, and we know that you’ll agree on that with us for sure! It’s something that you don’t have a chance to see it every day and that’s why is so amazing.

That foal has a unique talent, because to tuck the legs like that at his age, really is extraordinary. It is also good for him to learn this things while he’s still young, because it would be much easier for him to become a jumper in the future.

All his moves are great as you can see, and clearly, he’s got the skill and talent for a jumper. His mother is doing a great job and guides her future champion. The two of them are a beautiful team and watch how they move together at the second jump. It’s amazing to see them jumping and landing at the same time, don’t you think?!

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